Thursday, March 3, 2016

The next natural progression for Healthcare analytics

In building out our services practice, we have made a lot of headway consulting for small and medium sized businesses in the healthcare industry. With the 2015 government mandate to put electronic medical records in the cloud and make patient information more accessible to the patients themselves, we at Bimotics have seen healthcare providers exploring cloud based analytics options. Now that these providers have found ways to store records in the cloud, they are looking for cost effective methods to leverage this data for reporting and analysis.
With data already in the cloud, healthcare providers are seeing that capital costs needed for more administrative services can be minimized as spending for technology infrastructure such as hardware and structure can be left to the those providing cloud services. Cloud technology also benefits the patients with greater access to their information--even from different specialists and hospitals. With these increased efficiencies and accessibilities, the tangible evidence of cloud’s benefits is speeding its adoption in the healthcare industry.  
Adoption for healthcare based cloud business intelligence and analytics is not without its challenges and obstacles, however. HIPPA compliance, for example,  requires stringent privacy rules and has very serious repercussions when requirements are compromised. There is also much concern surrounding security and data integrity. Solutions can be engineered to address these concerns and we will go into the details of these technical solutions in upcoming blog installments.
Cloud-based healthcare analytics is definitely coming, and coming sooner than some may think.  Given the mandate to place patient records in the cloud and the associated advances enabling holistic patient care, healthcare providers and patients alike will demand equally cost-effective and accessible reports of the services they give and receive.
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