Monday, March 7, 2016

Building an Online Data Warehouse Part 3

Visualizing the Data
A picture is worth a thousand words.  No doubt, a well-crafted chart from sound data is similarly impactful.  An armful of those meaningful charts can lead to those a ha! “good to know!” moments that give your business that critical and much needed edge.
In our last blog, we explained that although marvin.'s own visualization engine is still in development, its analytical engine can currently be used for analysis by writing queries within the database. Soon, through marvin.’s user interface, or by leveraging other Google Technology Partners like Tableau or BIME, you will be able to create charts and visualizations on top of this database.  Doing so can help make sense of your data, identify patterns and trends, create reports, make measurements and ultimately help you learn and make decisions on how to improve your business- an ultimate cloud BI solution.

Currently, marvin. allows users to  configure databases in a way that is friendly to visualization engines available on the market. Databases can be set up to help data visualization engines recognize fields like text versus numbers versus dates and other options that help provide  meaningful insight. Ultimately, this visualized data can be combined to create dashboards where business users can see a tapestry of charts  rather than  one piece of data at a time.  Users will be able to define multiple dashboards, multiple charts, and multiple filters-- all based on their data.  
Visualizations conbimed with an online data warehouse open up a whole new world of business insight by allowing users to recognize and identify patterns that are almost impossible to see just by looking at numbers.  Dashboards with a whole host of these visualizations can provide you with critical information and rare insight about your business that you never had access to before.

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