Monday, March 7, 2016

Bimotics looks forward to 2016

In our year end post, we revisited some of our big wins in 2014. The beginning of a new year means goal setting and planning for what is to come. A new season means new opportunities and we are full of optimism!  This blog entry focuses on those top goals for our startup. We are sure that the next 12 months will not be without pivots and turns, but this is just part of the journey we take and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead.
SMART Goal: 1 new product and brand launch this year 
After much debate, we are considering changing our name to something equally impactful but easier to pronounce. When we chose Bimotics years ago, we were lucky to get a service mark and .com domain fairly easily. Both items can be hard to come by for a startup, especially since our name has a  uniqueness of meaning.  As we began pitching  and discussing our company with people, we realized that “Bimotics” is tough for people to pronounce and read under pressure (especially while introducing our startup in front of a crowd). We are currently reviewing a short list of names and icons that meaningfully capture the essence of our core business as well as the name Bimotics does.
SMART Goal: Roll out to 2 core charting capabilities with ability to measure usage
At long last, we are excited to  roll out our end-user presentation layer. We have heard it time and again from both prospects and advisors that UI sells.  Our experiences show that people and customers expect a solid foundation and for the “plumbing to work” so to speak, but the way they differentiate the value of things is based heavily on visualizations. So while we consider the 2014 launch of our big data tool marvin. a great milestone, we need to take this robust foundation and plumbing for analytics solutions a step further. In 2015, we will be rolling out a visualization layer that allows non-technical users to interact with Big Data easily and affordably and peek into their data in a way that they never have before. We believe funneling more capital towards front end development is what is needed to demo our true value while increasing revenue.
SMART Goal: Participate in  2 tech community events a month
We are going to help grow our local tech community. Bimotics has attended key meetups within South Florida in the past but this year we aim to increase our involvement. By being participants, organizers, audience members, and sponsors over the past few years, we have increased our understanding of the value a community of tech entrepreneurs can bring. Whether it was introductions to angel investors or the identification of helpful resources for product development, each event benefitted us in some way. We also have something to give back in terms of experience, expertise, and lessons learned along the road and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with the community in 2015.
So it is going to be another busy year at Bimotics. Of course there are several other more tactical goals for the year, but from a company perspective, we look forward to working to meet these goals in particular. None of these will be easy nor can be done individually. Let’s get to work team!

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