Monday, March 7, 2016

Big Data Analytics: Marketing Came First. Why Engineering Is Next.

Big data solutions have made it.  It is clear that business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions have been embraced by the market and that adoption and innovation continue their upward trajectory.  Many of the first companies to provide big data solutions were marketing-focused companies specializing in predictive analytics.  As this market matures and marketing companies find their niches, the conversation and question naturally moves to “who is next?”.  What other enterprise group is ready to evolve and innovate big data analytics?
It does not appear to be sales despite early advancements in the analytics space. Perhaps because sales analytics investments were made early on and the benefits from those initial investments are still being reaped.
Customer service looks to be a likely candidate however budgets do tend to be tight for this group.
Our educated prediction here at Bimotics is that the next boom in big data analytics will be in the engineering space.  Here is why:
Systems or application logs: in order to provide real time monitoring, tech support and proactive maintenance, applications generate millions of rows of data, describing all kinds of processes.
Application Usage Analytics: customer experience and human factors are based on usage analytics. This means applications capture the flow and interactions of users in terms of features they use, time on the app or pages, and patterns of usage.
Metadata Management: Data traceability is of the utmost importance and "data about data", ie metadata, is a huge arena. Payload of data transfer is also considered in this category where sometimes the metadata generates more data than the payload itself.
Cohort Analysis: By developing A/B testing, engineers can improve conversion ratios or better UX / IU to increase usage. Cohort analysis uses two groups as a benchmark. This generalization of groups requires more data storage.
The big benefit of engineering-related data analytics is that insights and performance directly impact the products and services which are core to the business. Understanding how customers use your application in particular and what makes them tick can make product planning and prioritizing features more methodical and effective. This is why we believe that engineering analytics will be the next big wave in the sea of Big Data Analytics.

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