Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bimotics 2014 in Review

2014 has been a productive year for Bimotics. While we have put in the long hours, as founders, we feel the work is never done.  Armed with optimism, we look forward to reaching new milestones in 2015.  2014 was full of challenges and successes and we have learned from all of them.   Reflecting on the year that was, here is the recap of our top 3 wins in 2014.
3. Implemented Marketing Automation: Set up flexible inbound and social marketing infrastructure  that the team could maintain and edit.  After evaluating several options, we chose  Hubspot as their inbound marketing and social media focus synergized well with our business model. With our increased marketing activities we were able to fully engage two campaigns which led to consistent growth in site traffic and lead generation.  We have really increased our visibility.  We are now receiving over 600 visitors a month to our website.  We are developing our marketing strategy to effectively hone in on even more channels to spread the word and gain further traction.
2. Became among the first Google Cloud Partners: Last year we became newly minted technical partners with Google Cloud Platform. We then got invited to their pilot certification program. In the first quarter, our technical founder Roberto completed the vigourous process of becoming among the first Google Cloud Certified Partners. With this new status, we have gained additional credibility within technical and investor circles.   More importantly, the relationship allowed us to successfully build a fully HIPAA compliant cloud environment for a client.
1. Launched our big data application,  marvin.:  Without having to code, our app gets your data warehouse on the world’s most powerful cloud in just minutes. marvin. is just the first step in realizing Bimotics’ vision of analytics for all businesses, but we are  on our way! Since launching in the fall we have attracted over 30,000 visitors and gained almost one user per day. We have learned so much about getting to market and we will continue to build on this early success.
With these accomplishments under our belt, we have the much needed stepping stones to keep Bimotics going into 2015. Business planning is well underway for next year and in our next segment we’ll outline some of our New Year’s Resolutions.  Until then, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.
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