Monday, March 7, 2016

Fireside Chat with the Creator of marvin.

This month, you have been hearing a lot about the marvin. product launch.  Here at Bimotics, it is a very exciting albeit dramatic time.  We are thrilled to see how the whole team has come together to carry out all the tasks and steps needed for launch. Synergy is real. We are seeing it first hand. Screen_Shot_2014-08-25_at_9.04.23_PM
To get a better sense of what we are bringing to market here is the transcript of a question and answer with our technical lead and co-founder, Roberto Landrau.
How did marvin. come about? 
While developing our big data and business intelligence tool for small and medium sized businesses, in almost every instance we needed to import multiple files from multiple APIs, from multiple clients, during multiple time frames.  The process was extremely tedious if not impossible without some sort of intelligent and automated ingestion engine that could get a handle on all this data.  From this quandary, marvin. was born.
marvin. is super easy to configure and allows users to manage Google Cloud APIs like Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery. Before marvin., files could only be entered into Google BigQuery one at a time manually --great for testing, but not feasible for our SMB analytics product.  Initially, we decided to build marvin. for internal purposes in order to manage the ingestion of our clients’ data.  Almost immediately, some of our more sophisticated clients asked to use marvin. for their own Google Cloud Platform needs. We decided to make it a commercial ready product by adding few additional capabilities such as multi-user, account based settings, support model and subscription based payments.
What makes marvin. a cloud BI tool? 
marvin. was born in the cloud, it scales to hundreds if not thousands of users seamlessly by leveraging Google’s App Engine. marvin. is a cloud BI tool as it ingests data from on-premise files or cloud files into one of the most powerful analytical databases on the market. Currently, marvin. focuses on the ingestion of files, but in the near future our gallery of API connectors and the integration of our visualization engine will allow users to store massive amounts of data as well as analyze and manipulate it simply through a robust graphical interface.  
What makes it for big data?
marvin. is capable of ingesting data for multiple clients at the same time, and its storage capacity is  limitless. There is no need to manage servers, or disks, or IT resources. Users can analyze billions of records within seconds, not days or weeks. Watching marvin. in action is truly impressive.  With its parallel import capability and ease of use, it is the perfect tool for your big data needs. Also consider that SMBs can use this tool to gather data in real time from multiple applications commonly used to support day to day business, such as popular accounting and CRM software. Our ingestion engine also supports data in more complex formats like nested JSON, allowing businesses to overcome both big and small data challenges from a single location.
Who do you expect will use it?
marvin. is primarily geared towards Google Developers and Google Cloud Platform users. Non-developers that still work in with technology and IT will rejoice as there is nothing to code. Simply gather your data in CSV or JSON, upload the file and configure an automated import. Subsequent files will follow the same pattern.
Users with voluminous amounts of data and no time to deal with servers, disks and networks will benefit the most from marvin.. The UI is easy to use and wizard setup screen helps you to configure the ingestion within seconds.
Where can I find marvin. on sale?
marvin. is now available via the Google Web Chrome Store or at  Be sure to check out our animated overview video as well!
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What’s with the lowercase m and the period?
Bimotics is very serious about the products we build, but our marketing team is also focused on one of the cornerstones of our company culture: fun.  We certainly had a blast coming up with marvin..  marvin. stands for Massive Analytics Repository on a Very Intelligent Network, quite a name for a cute little robot.  By going with a small “m” and the period at the end, the name transforms into an iconic symbol, a bold statement.  Once you get to know marvin., you will surely love him. period.

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