Thursday, September 5, 2013

Evolving from data marts to analytics marts - part 2

In our previous blog entry, we illustrated the value of data marts over complex spreadsheets.  While data marts help you and businesses focus more on analysis and less on dealing with raw data, they are just one foundational building block of a smart business.  
Data marts benefit businesses by converting often-immense source data from multiple subject matter silos within a business (eg. operations and/or finance) into a  more user-friendly product that is easier to analyze by the end-user. Getting usable data is key, but to have a truly intelligent business, metrics and analytics need to be defined and applied.
Bimotics asked the question, ”How can data marts be made even more streamlined?  Refined?  Intuitive? Can they provide answers to questions customers had not even asked yet?”  

Enter analytics marts – the evolution of the data mart.  The analytics mart is a concept pioneered by Bimotics that provides great analytical insight into information gathered from data marts through a gallery of plug and play charts that automatically adjust to your data, and most importantly, your business. From the moment you fire up the Bimotics console, you have ready to use analytics available at your fingertips.  The below image conceptually depicts how the analytics mart works.  Instead of having to build each chart from scratch and figure out the appropriate visualization for the information you have, simply click on the pre-built chart 
you want.

Analytics marts are individually tailored groups of business essential analyses that can be gathered from one or more data mart.  At Bimotics, these analytics come pre-packaged into categories like customer analysis, profitability and financial performance.  This categorization into intuitive grouping is at the heart of the analytics mart concept- pick and choose the charts and metrics built from your data marts that make sense and align with the business strategy and model of today.  Change them as quickly as your business transforms. Be agile!  If you are looking for revenue performance, for example, we have provided the metrics and charts  in the financials category .  You can also search analytics by tags such as revenue and financial performance.

The bottom line is that analytics marts allow you to focus your efforts on the actual analysis and gaining of insight instead of fretting over building charts. The visualization itself also aids  in the quick evaluation of your data.  It allows you to look at your information from multiple angles quickly and efficiently. Analytics marts are essential for detailed analysis, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring, and applying operational insight to process control.

The third part of the series ties it all together. Bimotics introduces the concept of the dash mart, an approach that combines analytics marts and data marts to give you an extraordinary view of your business.   

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