Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Data marts, Analytics marts and Dash marts, Part 3 of 3

As described in our first part of this 3 part series, dash marts are the culmination of the data marts and the analytics marts. The dash mart is a concept from Bimotics that allows to integrate multiple analytics marts into a dashboard. But, what is new about this? Although most dashboards are a collection of charts and tables organized to provide a specific view to your business. The dashmart is not. A dash mart is more than a template. Bimotics dashmarts are built on top of data marts and analytics marts. Through categorizations and a strong understanding of business dependencies and relationships, the dash mart weaves together dashboards together for a more meaningful view of the big picture. We have built you a smart asset to win over your competition by combining the three concepts- data marts, analytics  marts and dash marts.
Dash marts leverage data marts as their foundation, as described on our series (Part 1: data marts). Data marts integrates convert and make easy for consumption the information from applications use by business like Quickbooks, Freshbooks and SalesForce.
As described also in the second part of this series (Part 2: Analytics Marts) the analytics marts, is at this level where business can gather real insight about meaningful questions related to a data mart. Here looking at each individual chart is key. Multiple insights can come by just looking at one analytic-one core measurement. For more an example using sales representative profitability see our first white paper.
The dash mart provides the “Aha! moments”, while analytics marts provide very meaningful insight they are limited by the data mart. With dash marts you are free to use analytics from multiple data sources on demand and most important provide the big picture to business. They are bound by filters that cross analytics through a common fiber. For example, dash marts that combine analytics from finance and CRM could generate very complex scenarios in a very simple way to analyze them. First, mixing financials with a CRM is the only way you can get sales representative profitability. In the same view, combine the your sales funnel from leads to cash.  Layer in product velocity vs. profit impact. Now you have the richest sales dashboard possible.
Our dash mart enables a forward view of your business- no more reliance on snapshots and historics. It also allows to monitor while you run it. Please checkout how Bimotics implements dash marts and how they could help you.

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