Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The true bottom line

What is your bottom line?  
That is the question most everyone running a business is asked. But the exact meaning is often misunderstood as gross profit. Indeed the bottom line is actually net profit or net profit on sales. It is the company's reported income after everything is taken into consideration- taxes, normal operating revenues and expenses, extraordinary charges, and  financial income. Owner value increases as net profit increases by adding to the company’s retained earnings.  At the end of the day net profit is the key metric to answering the question “what’s in it for me”?.
Because net profit represents the bottom line, all business factors drive this number. When analyzing your operations, it is essential to figure out what is impacting your bottom line. Experts have actually recommended that incentives not be based on the net profit metric because they say the average employee (not the CEO) cannot easily tie their day to day tasks to impact on net profit. Since it is an aggregate it blurs individual contributions, it is not meaningful in explaining what one task needs to be done better and thus doesn’t seem controllable. The bottom line should always be reviewed as the roll up of what it happening.
How Bimotics can help:  Your company’s bottom line is easily accessible through Bimotics if you use Quickbooks accounting software. Since we connect directly to the application, bringing in this metric to your dashboard is as simple as selecting it from the Bimotics analytics gallery.  As a summary or roll up metric, you need to look at this metric quarterly.  Analyzing trends your net profit and profit margin on a quarterly basis will give you and your shareholders a good idea on how well you are paying out.

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